Trekking and/or climb in a very isolated place, where we move our camp ourselves or with porters are basically expeditions. We spend few days away from civilization looking for images and life experience, which a camera could not capture. Expeditions could be a challenge in it self or a way to find unique landscapes and amazing experiences.


Different from hiking, we move our camp ourselves or with porters. We sleep in tents or rustic huts. Depending on guests needs and wishes, you might participate in the cooking and setting up camp process or they would be already done for us.

Rock & Ice Climbing

Rock, ice and snow seminars are a space where you learn a technique or few of them. It is hand on, step-by-step teaching on each specific terrain. They are ran according to guests level, needs or wishes.

Alpine Climbing & Ascents

Stand up on the highest, give a hug, shake hands, take a big breath and contemplate everything in our surroundings with a big achievement sensation. These are some emotions that I could describe when you stand up on the summit. Besides, all the mental and physical effort you put into it.

Day Hikes

Starting off from El Chaltén in the morning and coming back in the afternoon/evening. We go to a specific place and come back the same way or do a loop. You will be carrying your daypack with rain gear, water, food, sun block, sunglasses, extra warm clothing, camera, etc. Please let us know if you’d like us to prepare your lunch box for you.

Winter Activities

Fresh powder snow, step slopes, high up in the mountains…. There we go! You choose the destination from Baroliche to Tierra del Fuego, we take care of your safety and logistics.

On skies or on snowshoes we’ll enjoy the beauty of snow!

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