Climb a mountain or a peak. Trek on the remote Patagonia Southern Ice field, using your hands eventually to progress on snow, ice or rock. Traversing  glaciers roped up with crampons on our feet on isolated places off the bitten path. If this appeals you, you are are in the right place.


From 1/2 half day ROCK climbing or few days ICE climbing to the complex ALPINE climbing routes in our area, we offer them all!. If you like the vertical terrain with amazing mountain landscapes, you are in the right place! Join us to shake hands on the highest we can get and be back for beers in the bar!


Fresh untouched snow, step slopes high in the mountains with the satisfaction of having earned each turn. SKIIS give us the possibility to access these beautiful mountains in the winter and the ride them down! You chose the objetive and were take care of the safety in the mountains and comfort while in town.


The main goal here is to LEARN. It could be a set of techniques, a progression, a transition or all of them. We introduce some of our most popular courses. However, we can make custom for you.

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