Ice Climbing – 2 days


Day 1

We set off from El Chaltén at 7:00 AM with a transfer to Rio Electrico Bridge. We hike for about -5-6 hours to the glacier’ snout, where we’ll set up our camp. Then our Guide will teach us how to put crampons on. Through the day we would like to cover the following subjects:

  • Safety procedures briefing
  • Glacier morphology and movement
  • Ice characteristics
  • How to put harness and crampons
  • Flat footing/French technique/10 points technique with crampons on
  • Hike on glacier and practice technique (you will gain confidence on the gear)
  • Classics ice axe technique, how to use ice axe while walking
  • Self belay and self arrest with the ice axe.
  • Fronting pointing/German technique/12 point technique with crampons
  • Piolet traction technique
  • Basics nuts
  • Rope management
  • Ice screw placement
  • Top rope ice climbing
  • Belaying and communication
  • Basic ice anchors

We go back to our camp to have dinner and review any topics left.

Day 2

Early breakfast and set off at 8:00 AM from camp. Today we’ll get on these subjects:

  • Review yesterday’s subjects
  • Warm up bouldering on the glacier
  • Knots
  • Rope management
  • Top rope ice climbing on different type of ice
  • Seconding on a multi-pitch climb
  • Ice crew placements while climbing secure on top rope
  • Advanced piolet traction techniques on vertical terrain
  • Advanced ice anchors
  • Rappelling

We hike back to Rio Electrico Bridge about 5-6 hours, then we get pick up by our transfer and return to El Chaltén to be arriving at 7:00 – 8:00 PM. Feedback and good-byes.

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