Electric Mount- 2257 mts

Cerro Electrico with his 2257 meters gives us amazing views of the whole Fitz Roy Massif. This ascent could be done in 1 long and demanding day, or in 2 days camping at the base of its glacier. This requires glacier travel with slopes up to 40º degrees angle. Padre D’Agostini, salesian explorer, gave its name due to the strong noise create by the wind in this valley, resembling a thunder. There’s another version about its 2 summits, one black, one red, referring to positive and negative of the electricity.

It can be climbed in winter/spring with backcountry skies or in summer on crampons.


Ratio is 1 guide/assistance per 3 guests. Maximum group size is 6 guests 1 guide and 1 assistant guide



Guest must be comfortable using crampons to flat foot and front point on moderate angle ice up to 35 degrees.

These are all physically demanding days and participants must be in good hiking shape.

Guests are required to carry a backpack with their personal gear (clothes, sleeping bag, pad, etc), group (tents, pot, stoves, etc) and food if it is done in 2 days.. About 15 to 20 kg. Personal porters could be arranged in advance, if needed.

No mountaineering experience is required, however if you have had some, it helps a lot.



Participants are responsible for their own transportation to El Chaltén, Argentina.  Your travel agent should be able to arrange this for you. You can get there by flying to Buenos Aires, and then to El Calafate, and from there, a bus to El Chaltén.



Tents will be provided for the ascent. Accommodation in El Chaltén is not included. However, we can help you making your booking.

Please let us know of any special dietary requirements you have when booking. All meals are included during the ascent.



The fame of the area regarding wind and fast changeable conditions are not a legend. Be ready to experience nature and all its beauties and power.

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