Rock Climbing – 3 days

Routes & Itinerary


Day 1

We run this seminar within El Chalten surroundings. We have different types of routes, sport and traditional, and a big range of grades. Concepts and techniques we cover today:


  • Safety procedures briefing
  • Warm up with some bouldering
  • Transferring body weight
  • Basic progression on rock
  • Feet and hands techniques
  • Rock characteristics
  • Getting to know the rock climbing gear and its purpose (you will gain confidence on the gear)
  • How to put harness properly
  • Self belay
  • Basics nuts
  • Rope management
  • Top rope climbing
  • Belaying and communication
  • Basic rock anchors


Day 2

Today we’ll get on these subjects:


  • Review yesterday’s subjects
  • Warm up bouldering
  • Knots
  • Rope management
  • Top rope climbing on different type terrain
  • Seconding on a multi-pitch climb
  • Proper quick draws removable while climbing on top rope or seconding
  • Advanced rock climbing progression, steep terrain
  • Advanced rock anchors
  • Rappelling


Day 3

During the morning we refresh everything and we’ll climb a multipitch route in the afternoon. The guide might let you lea done pitch according to climbing grade. These subjects will be cover today:


  • Consolidation and review of the previous 2 days
  • Warm up bouldering
  • Body gravity center exercises
  • Advanced rock climbing progression, steep terrain
  • Lead climbing
  • Protection placing (cams, stoppers, etc)
  • Advance rock anchor with removable gear


Feedback and hand out certificates.

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