Ice Climbing – 3 days

Paso Marconi Ice climbling


Day 1

We set off from El Chaltén at 7:00 AM. We hike down to the glacier’ snout, where our Guide will teach us how to put crampons on. Through the day we would like to cover the followings:

  • Safety procedures briefing
  • Glacier morphology and movement
  • Ice characteristics
  • How to put harness and crampons
  • Flat footing/French technique/10 points technique with crampons on
  • Hike on glacier and practice technique (you will gain confidence on the gear)
  • Classics ice axe technique, how to use ice axe while walking
  • Self belay and self arrest with the ice axe.
  • Fronting pointing/German technique/12 point technique with crampons
  • Piolet traction technique
  • Basics nuts
  • Rope management
  • Ice screw placement
  • Top rope ice climbing
  • Belaying and communication
  • Basic ice anchors

We go back to our camp to have dinner and review any topics left or review some of them.

Day 2

Early breakfast and set off at 8:00 AM from camp. Today we’ll get on these subjects:

  • Review yesterday’s subjects
  • Warm up bouldering on the glacier
  • Knots
  • Rope management
  • Top rope ice climbing on different type of ice
  • Seconding on a multi-pitch climb
  • Ice crew placements while climbing secure on top rope
  • Advanced piolet traction techniques on vertical terrain
  • Advanced ice anchors
  • Rappelling

We return to our camp, snacks dinner and reviews.

Day 3

Early breakfast and set off at 8:00 AM from camp. Today we’ll get on these subjects:

  • Consolidation and reviews of everything we have seem so far.
  • Bouldering warm up!
  • We work on your body gravity centre and footing
  • Advanced techniques on hard vertical ice and may be some overhang
  • Climbing as leader placing ice screw belayed from top
  • Top rope climb on vertical and hard ice
  • Half ropes ice climbing techniques

We return to El Chaltén to be arriving at 19:00 hs. Feedback and good-byes.

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