Rock Climbing – 2 days

Routes & Itinerary


Day 1

We run this seminar within El Chalten surroundings. We have different types of routes, sport and traditional, and a big range of grades. Concepts and techniques we cover today:
Safety procedures briefing
Warm up with some bouldering
Transferring body weight
Basic progression on rock
Feet and hands techniques
Rock characteristics
Getting to know the rock climbing gear and its purpose (you will gain confidence on the gear)
How to put harness properly
Basics nuts
Rope management
Top rope climbing
Belaying and communication
Basic rock anchors
We go back to our lodge to have dinner and review any topics left.


Day 2

We meet our guide at 8:00 AM. Today we’ll get on these subjects:
Review yesterday’s subjects
Warm up bouldering
Rope management
Top rope climbing on different type terrain
Seconding on a multi-pitch climb
Proper quick draws removable while climbing on top rope or seconding
Advanced rock climbing progression, steep terrain
Advanced rock anchors


Feedback and good-byes.

Paredón de los condores

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